Poker Peaks Solitaire - for Windows Phone 7


You got Tripeaks Solitaire in my Poker! You got Poker in my Tripeaks Solitaire!

Try the newest version of solitaire and see if you can Beat The Bank! Poker Peaks Solitaire brings 50 unique tables and a combination of gameplay never seen before. Try to clear each table by finding the best poker hands - all so that you can beat the bank! The more you play, the more strategies you'll discover to unlock the next table.

Global high score tables, fun animations and sounds, and pick-up-and-play gaming make Poker Peaks Solitaire a great distraction whenever you have a spare moment or a spare hour!

Fun for a minute and fun for an hour. Complete the game and become one of the world's Poker Peaks Masters!


  • Fifty unique layouts
  • Global high scores