In-development Projects

  • Match 3 RPG

    Playing with ideas that mix match3 games (e.g. Bejewelled) and RPG elements. "Match 3" is probably a poor name, as you're not matching, but rather building parties and attacking mobs...

  • King of the Sea

    This game is a combination of line-drawing games and the "eat the smaller fish/avoid the bigger fish" style games of yesteryear. Also has a touch of flocking mixed in, because tech is fun :)

    We created a similar style of game called "Moeboid" back in Zapspot.

  • Driftwood Solitaire

    Porting our WP7 Driftwood Solitaire game to iOS, and giving it a facelift in the process. We've spending a lot of time iterating on the metagame - goals, stars, levels, achievements, and more...

  • Mahjong on iPad

    Porting my WP7 Mahjong Solitaire game to iOS. Have the 3d engine fully working (at ~30fps on an iPad 1) with picking. Just need to find the time to complete it.

  • HTML5-based 3D Mahjong

    This was a just-for-fun project to port our 3D WP7 Mahjong game to HTML5 and WebGL.

    You can try it out! It requires a browser that supports WebGL. Chrome is your best bet; to work on firefox: goto about:config, type in webgl.force-enabled and change to true. Note: Framerate is best in Chrome.

    It's not fully playable yet - click on Free Play, then 'Start' to see the 3D goodness.

    try it out!
  • 7YRL

    Our never-ending and always-stalling effort to create a roguelike for mobile devices in seven short years. Although the site hasn't been updated in a while, you can find a devblog at

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  • Parking Lot

    The classic sliding block game, but in 3D.

  • RPG World

    Our favorite nonactive project; Tower defense with rpg classes on a globe. Similar to the iPhone game Star Defense which I absolutely loved.

  • Puzzle Dungeon

    Our second-favorite nonactive project. What you see is functional, although I'm honestly not sure what the gameplay would ultimately be...

  • Locomotion

    Like the classic 'snake', but with trains and no time element. Pick up cars (which make your train longer), and you can't run into yourself.

  • Frog Pond

    A port of an old Zapspot game we wrote a bijillion years ago. Basically the 'pegs' game

  • Tetris Rogue

    Another game that we haven't quite figured out how to make work. The concept was to apply rogue-like elements to tetris. We still love the idea and want to get back to this one...