23 FEB

Rainbow Link 1.1 released to App store

posted by Jeff Simon

This was a big release for us - Rainbow Link is now a universal app and runs great on iPhone4 and 4s as well as iPad 1 and 2. The game is also now free, with an ad while playing (except in kids mode - no ads shown then) and the ability to upgrade from within the game. Upgrading also gives users access to a set of additional tilesets (my kids love the animal tileset the most).

26 JAN

Rainbow Link live in the appstore!

posted by Jeff Simon

Rainbow Link is now available to purchase in the iOS AppStore and are crossing our fingers. You can find it in iTunes here.

19 JAN

Rainbow Link submitted to appstore

posted by Jeff Simon

We've submitted Rainbow Link to the iOS AppStore and are crossing our fingers. Here's a gameplay video we've just uploaded as well:

15 JAN

Rainbow Link in final beta testing

posted by Jeff Simon

We're one step closer to submitting Rainbow Link to the AppStore; we've wrapped up coding and creative work, and if it comes back from testing with a clean bill of health, then it's off to the presses!

14 JAN

New Wanderling Games website goes live

posted by Jeff Simon

Welcome to the new home of Wanderling Games! In anticipation of our upcoming release of the iOS version of Rainbow Link, we've spiffied up the place a bit.